Bespoke Illustrated Family Scrap Book

Bespoke Illustrated Family Scrap Book

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Create the ultimate family keepsake, a beautiful art paper coffee table book, illustrated from scratch just for you and your loved ones.

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Fuse your favourite family photos and mementos with Paul’s illustrations for a gift that you just can’t find in the shops.

These work so well for your wedding anniversary or partner's birthday, when it has to be special. The story of your relationship, the adventures you’ve already shared, your growing family and the fun you plan for your futures together.

This is an amazing opportunity to commision an artist to make you a luxury keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

My wife and I love looking back over thw books I’ve made of our young family. They grow so fast, last year feels like a lifetime ago and these books bring back all the memories, all the fun and exhaustion of being parents with young kids.

You’ve got a hard drive full of family photos, this is a great way to ensure they get seen. Keep them forever on your bookshelf rather than on your mac.

What’s it made from?

Printed on Mohawk art paper and wrapped in luxury linen or hessian, this is truly a gift you will not find in the shops.


My books come in the following sizes - 8"x8", A4, 12'x12" and 14"x10".

How Does it Work?

To make these truly unique gifts for you I need two things - the photos you’d like to include and a little history and information about you all or the intended recipient, so I can illustrate your story.


Supplying your favourite photos - I like to use Dropbox or WeTransfer but we can also use googledrive or microsoft drive if these are easier for you.

If you have physical prints then I will supply instructions of how to take great photos of these using your phones so you can supply them digitally.

I’m also happy to receive them, scan them myself and return these in the post using Royal Mail special delivery service - this would incur an extra £25. This way you also get digital copies of your chosen prints :)


Don’t worry, I have devised a fiendishly simple questionnaire for you to fill in that will garner me with as much info as you wish to impart, and plenty for me to use to illustrate your unique books.

The questions are simple and are designed for you to only be as revealing as you wish to be, one word answers in most places are sufficient if you are time challenged or rather not go into too much detail. 

And they are of course treated with the utmost secrecy. They are never shared, to anyone, for any reason - these are your books made for you, no one else. 

Progress Reports

As we go along you will be kept up to speed with a series of proofs for you to ok or suggest amendments to. These will be provided as jpegs and PDFs via a secure online gallery. 

Final Approval or Your Money Back

Once we get to the final draft version this is the point where my Money Back Guarantee kicks in, if you’re just not happy with the way it’s going then I give you your money back, no questions asked.

My illustrated books start at £199 for a completely bespoke, made for you, 20 page hardback art paper book.

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