Getting To Know Each Other

Thanks so much for your interest in an Illustrated Book, this form will enable me to get to know you guys a bit and to inspire me to make your unique personally illustrated keepsake.

I know it sounds like I’m really really nosey, if you’re unsure about sharing this info please don’t worry*

*(Nothing you enter here is EVER shared with anyone else. Ever. And your finished product will never appear on my website or instagram posts unless you’ve given me express permission.)

this is your book, only fill the questions you feel are relevant and only with information you’re happy sharing. One word answers are absolutely fine!

Confused or stuck? Call me anytime time on 07946 548 559

OK, go…..

Name *
When is the big occasion and when ideally do you want this delivered by?
What are the names and ages, of the family? Remember, only enter info you're happy to share, don't worry if you'd rather not, this is your book after all.
Can you think of one or two stories for each year we're focusing on? Or if you like keywords, themes or destinations for each year that represents that particular time in your life best? Just a few words, or even one word is great for starters.
If it was Christmas Day tomorrow what would they find in their stocking?
who are the first five people they invite for their birthday tea?
What are your interests? As a family, as a couple and individually - what do you like doing?
Do you have any, or do you have any plans to get any?
This may have come up in the year by year Q
Do you have any mementos from your lives together, like postcards, notes or birthday cards sent to one another? These can look great reproduced in your book.
Around the house and in your day to day lives, what are the little things that make up the whole life you have, maybe they’re things that wind each other up, maybe they’re really funny?
Would you like to add anything or embellish on anything you mentioned above?