From games in the garden to weekends in Paris, Kids Grow up fast!

When we asked Benji what he wanted to do for his third birthday he said he wanted to play games with his cousins in our garden.

OK, we can handle that.

Roll on 12 months and we ask him what he wants to do for his fourth birthday, he says he wants to go to Paris for the weekend.

Blimey, they grow up quick.

It was moments like this that inspired by me to start making portraits of my two that would attempt to explain just what is going on inside the crazy inventive brilliant minds. To immortalise these moments before they changed again and were on to another obsession or craze.

I call these portraits ‘Out Of Their Minds’ and you can now order your very own portrait on my official website "Out Of Their Minds".

Mix you’re favourite photos and my illustrations to make completely original portraits of your young family.

They make awesome gifts too, with Mother’s Day coming up you could make mum or gran very happy indeed!

Art prints made-to-order start at just £49.

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