Scandal at the Menier

Sheesh, everyone's a critic. It was the greatest piece of art criticism since Brian Sewell told me I lacked ambition. (True story)

How many other artists have had their art work used as a coaster? As a place to put your drinks, while you look at the real art?  

I can see why it happened, some might say it is my fault for making a piece of art that incorporates a shelf; it was an easy mistake to make. It didn’t help having the coat rack right next to it, and thinking about it, it was perfectly placed for people to rest their free booze while they hung their coats up.

What was it Marcel Duchamp said? Something about plumbing…

Anyway, doesn’t matter. It was quite funny actually. Here’s the piece in question. It’s called ‘Attraction’. Please go and see it, it’s on until Sat 18th Feb at the Menier Gallery. the show is a great mix of styles and the space is really special.

Attraction, 2017.

“We all have a love affair with the moon, every single one of us. It is our almost constant companion, possibly the longest constant in all of our lives. Every human being that has ever lived will hold an affection, as familiar as many of it’s living relationships, for our common celestial companion. And that feeling is mutual as the moon cannot escape the pull of the earth. It’s orbit the longest love affair of them all. Many years before we came along, and for many years after us, the moon and the earth will continue to be the closest of companions.”

Paul TannerComment