Paying a visit to the WC

How to Visit the WC Gallery

First time visitors to the WC gallery expecting the calm sedate surroundings of an art gallery will be confused when they find themselves stood outside the wonderfully bustling & lively Waffle Jack's American Diner. 

When visiting the WC Gallery for the first time it’s important to realise a few things;

  1. It is actually at the back of a fully functioning (and awesome ) restaurant, Waffle Jack's
  2. It is actually a toilet
  3. This is perfectly OK, you are welcome to just come in and view their toilet 

But the trouble is, now you're thinking, especially you British peeps (I'm Britsh, I feel uncomfortable visiting the WC Gallery sometimes, and it was my idea in the first place), you're thinking something along these lines....

but it's a toilet

I feel like I should buy something

I can't go in to a restaurant just to use the toilet.

how long do I spend in there anyway?

what if I dislike the art so much that I need to use the toilet? (this isn't actually a problem)

what if i like the art so much that I don't want to leave, even though people are pounding on the door desperate for the loo? (you're on your own there)

These are all legitimate concerns. And far be it from me to tell you what to do, but this is what you should do...

March in to Waffle Jacks, demand to see the WC Gallery, and don't take NO for an answer!

Seriously, this place is awesome, owners Stephan and Adele will make you feel very welcome, and be only too happy to direct you to the WC Gallery at the back.

The worst that can happen is you will have discovered one of Merton's best family restaurants, run by a family who are cool enough to let a local artist pretend he is a gallery owner.


p.s. any complaints about the art, don't hassle Waffle Jack's, tell me

Paul TannerComment