I was really chuffed to see some of my illustration work used by the inspiring charity CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably, this month. 

I’ve illustrated an article called “How to Settle in to Somewhere New’, a guide to moving into a new town for a new job or starting uni. It’s all about how to avoid the pitfalls and embrace the positives from the experience, and make it one of the most exciting times of your life. 

I remember well my first student digs, the damp smell, the weird 2nd year student who lived upstairs, the phone that only accepted incoming calls (It was a long time ago), the kitchen cutlery to be used only in an emergency, like a burglary. 

I loved it. 

But it took some getting used to, all I had were a few records (like I said, looooong time ago) and a dodgy haircut (still got both). I could have used this handy guide. 

CALMzine is an amazing quarterly magazine which provides advice, inspiration and help for men in hard times. As they put it, ‘The First Port of Call for Your Manspiration Needs”. Encouraging men to talk about their troubles and live happier lives. 

Amen to that.

Pick up a free copy of CALMzine at TOPMAN or go online here.