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Point and Shoot

Who knew Belgium was so darn close? I have been living a mere 4 hours drive away from the likes of Ostend and Bruges all my life, and no one told me. Well, the important thing is -I know now, thanks to a brilliant trip a few weeks ago with my folks, my wife and my little boy.

There were many reasons why this was such a great trip. The company, the Belgian beer, a fantastic exhibition at the MuZee, the beer, a super cool apartment found last minute, the fact we travelled from one country to another (through a third) and not once were we asked to take off our shoes and belts or throw away the bottle of water we were supposedly just about to blow something up with.

For the purposes of this blog though, one very good reason I enjoyed myself so much was my Fuji X100.

This thing is amazing, it weighs nothing, almost fits in my pocket and has a 12 MP sensor producing 34mb files equal in size and sharpness to both my Nikons (D3 and D700).

But what I loved was this, I was suddenly transported 20 years back in time to when all my photographic endeavours amounted to was roaming the streets of London with my Pentax ME Super over my shoulder. And all I did was point and shoot.

See something, shoot it. Look up, look down, get close, hide behind something (if you’re feeling spy-like), have a coffee and wait for stuff to happen. A fixed focal length and available light might sound restrictive, but what it really means is FREEDOM! Just make pictures with what you’ve got. Its note making but in visual form and how therapeutic that is.
Here’s what Ostend looked like through my camera on that lovely weekend.

I’m not even going to apologise for the looking down at the feet shot. Its my camera, my eyes, I will take what I like!