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An 'Omage to Picasso

I call it an ‘Omage. ‘Omage is french for homage. Picasso once said that a good artist borrows, but a great artist steals. This may be a throw away comment, but I’m happy to pinch it.

I couldn’t resist doing a re-shoot of one of my favourite portraits, featuring one of my all time heroes, using my new hero, Benjamin, as my sitter.

Should you want to recreate this shot, this is what you’ll need:

1. 1 x brilliant portrait to steal, borrow, copy, homage (Thankyou Robert Doisneau) 
2. 2 x packs of brioche (have plenty of spares for wandering hands)
3. 1 xTripod 
4. 1 x Softbox and stand 
5. 1 x SB910 Speedlight and SU-800 command unit 
6. 1 x helpful wife hidden under table to hold child’s hands 
7. 1 x very well behaved son, keen to assist photographer Dad while he pretends to be Robert Doisneau for an hour or so

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Picasso and the Loaves. 1952 © Estate of Robert Doisneau