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The Ashes Urn

I’ve just found a rather touching print of a shot I took in 2005. Its touching for me because the print in question was a gift to my old grandpa who in his day was a huge cricket fan and a man I discussed the ups and downs of the England cricket team for almost 20 years.  The shot was taken on the strand and pictures Michael Vaughan holding up the Ashes urn in triumph after the most amazing 2005 winning series while on the open top bus drive the team did to Trafalgar Square. He seems to be holding it up for me, although there were a few thousand of us out there that day. Grandpa wouldn’t have made it up as he was 88 at the time so I thought he’d enjoy the print. Can’t believe I found that today, first day of a new ashes series and the first one I’ve ever had to watch without him. Cheers grandpa, thinking of you today.